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Mendycine Services

Mendycine marketing and management services

We provide a range of marketing and management services exclusively to the healthcare industry. The two major ethical values at Mendycine are TRANSPARENCY and Return On Investment ROI. Transparency means that we provide the prices for our services on our website and are upfront with everything we do. Return on Investment means that we focus on ensuring that you get the services that you need at reasonable prices. Thus we only provide services that will increase your bottom line and take great care to maintain highly competitive pricing.

Revenue is earned based using the following equation:


We have set up all our services to assist you in the part of this equation that your business is lacking or needs support in. This will ensure that everything we do will improve your healthcare organizations profitability and viability. This allows small healthcare businesses to make better choices, feel safer, and get return on their investment.

What We Can Offer You

We offer a wide range of healthcare management and marketing services to strengthen the visibility and profitability of your business. As you may need different parts of this business equation optimized at different stages of your business we allow clients to add or change the specific ongoing services they require from month to month, as well as a range of one time services.

To start simply pick the piece of this equation you would like to improve, and go to that heading RESOURCE + PRESENCE + MARKET = $$$. Then choose a service within it and then scroll down further to learn more. Give us a call at (323) 362-2801 to start your marketing and management services for your healthcare organization today.


Business plan design
Business profile analysis
Organizational design
Business development strategy
Business management control system


Marketing plan design (including digital marketing)
Digital marketing plan design
Marketing control system
Google Adwords / Facebook ads
Off page SEO internet marketing – submit to directories
Email marketing
Internal marketing
External marketing – Flyers
B2B partner referral marketing
Public Relations


Market segmentation


Business plan: Designing and writing a business plan that allows the company to state who they are, what they do, who they are competing with, and where they are going.
– Business plan design: $1500 (This is a written plan).

Business profile analysis: Analyzing the industry is key to stay competitive. This service will allow the company to know who they are competing with, what are their competitive advantages, and how can they excel in their current markets.
– Business profile analysis: $1500 (This is a written plan).

Organizational design: The aim of this service is to establish a clear structure for the company to work, key roles, chain of command and workflow charts. e.g. Organization charts, workflows, flowcharts, LEAN and Six sigma analysis reviews to help reduce waste and improve efficiency.
– Organizational design: $3000 (Role description is not included).

Business development strategy: This service will help the client develop the vision throughout the company. Aiming to align all departments to collaborate to achieve it. It determines objectives and how to accomplish the vision in the selected time horizon.
– Business development strategy: $3500/month (Written Business Development Plan. Reviewed + Revised monthly).

Business management control system: The purpose of this system is to give the client the ability to control the main areas of the business and to provide key indicators and performance charts to be used for decision making processes.
– Business management control system: $3000/month (This include use of our excel-based system. Reviewed + revised monthly).


Marketing Strategy: To ensure adequate results, it is highly suggested to get a marketing plan. As this will allow your healthcare organization to plan and create a strategic plan to implement your objectives. This will allow you to assess the optimal marketing mix and layout your strategic plan to increase your market presence.

Marketing plan design + strategy (including digital marketing) Designing and writing a traditional marketing and digital marketing plan that allows the company to identify and attack the needs of their audience. Plus an updated assessment of implementation achievement of plan goals and objectives.
– Marketing plan design (including digital marketing) $1350/ month (This is a written plan. Reviewed + revised monthly)

Digital marketing plan design + strategy: Designing and writing a digital marketing plan that allows the company to identify and attack the needs of their audience through digital media (internet and social media). Plus an updated assessment of implementation achievement of plan goals and objectives.
– Digital marketing plan design: $1200/ month (This is a written plan. Reviewed + Revised monthly).

Marketing control system: tracking system allows businesses to assess how many customers are coming to the business based on marketing efforts. Conversion analysis. How many likes on Instagram, Facebook, Followers/month.
– Marketing control system: $1100/month (This include use of our excel-based system. Reviewed + Revised monthly)

Internet Marketing: Our marketing experts provide a range of comprehensive and convenient internet marketing options based on your budget and specific needs. Our services include- email marketing, pay per click, online directory submission, off-page SEO, and more!

Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign: Create/monitor/optimize Google & Facebook advertisement campaigns + create monthly PowerPoint updates with analytics.
– Google Adwords only: $650/month plus $700 min contribution
– Google Adwords and Facebook Advertisement: $900/month plus $900 min contribution

Off-page SEO: Submit a mix of 100 online directories and social bookmarking websites, to improve ranking on Google.
– Off-page SEO: $400 per 100 submissions.

Email marketing: One email blast per month + analysis.
– Email marketing: $300/ month (email program + list not included)

Internal Marketing: We make use of the existing database to review who has not been registered for a long time due to preventative services. We also thoroughly review and provide useful assistance on the types and quality of the services provided through advertising, data analysis, and word of mouth. Create scripts, provide training, and review internal areas of improvement and compliance issues.

Call potential clients:We will call 200 existing past-clients /patients (BAA needed for HIPAA compliance) from your database to offer them your company services.
– Call potential clients: $2000/month (list provided by client. Willing to sign BAA)

External Marketing: We provide marketing solutions through external means such as through cards, magazines, brochures, local newspapers, bus stops, radio, and more. We also provide assistance in building and managing signage, flyers, and holiday products.

Flyers or Postcards: Designing, adding graphics, content writing, aligning for printing. Providing ready to send flyers or postcards.
– Flyer or Postcard: $500/flyer or postcard (logo creation not included)

Branding: Our marketing professionals are dedicated to optimize your online presence and reputation via responsive telecommunication system, email address, business cards, official company website, and good presentation. Branding consulting will achieve a proper alignment in all the content released by the company. Every material that’s being released has to comply with branding policies. This includes ongoing analysis of every marketing content that is being released, review of items/media streams, provide analysis and guidance, and help with templates.
– Branding: $1000/month (logos not included)

B2B Partner Referral Marketing: We build long-term and nurturing relationships with hotels, pharmacies, and specialists, and also work dedicatedly with inbound patient referrals. Creating flyers postcards, emails for related businesses, contacting businesses, and researching ideas
– B2B Partner Referral Marketing: $2000/month.

Public Relations: We work on strengthening your public relation policies and put greater emphasis on online reviews. We ensure greater positive reviews for your business and respond to negative reviews in different review-posting locations.
– Public Relations: $350/hour.


Market segmentation: Research market, provide understanding of the clients who they can target
– Market segmentation: $650/service area

Other: We are open to take on other management or marketing consulting work not noted in the above services. Let us know your specific requirements and we will review and provide you with a monthly rate / one time fee.
– Other: Price provided upon service request


  • All ongoing monthly services may be cancelled at any time, to only pay till the end of that month.

  • We highly suggest a minimum of 12 months per ongoing service to really see the results. However, results can become visible as soon the first 3 months of implementation.

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We provide FREE consultations, and are available to answer your call 6 days a week. So call now to learn about how we can help optimize and grow your healthcare organization today.


Our Policy: Ethical Prices

We clearly communicate our charges to each of our clients and work dedicatedly until the desired growth is achieved. We are very careful about the online reputation you have and never compromise on our service quality. Moreover, we only present options for you based on your situation, needs and ROI. Also, as noted above, all contracts are subject to cancellation at any time. And additional services can be purchased and added to your marketing mix as your budget expands.

Transparency. Return on Investment. Honesty. Value. Quality.

  • We aim to bring in enough money to pay for our services plus much more.
  • We provide quotes on our website and ensure you know exactly what you are paying for.

Here, at, we understand the importance of both management and marketing services for the greater success of your business. Our professionals are endowed with many years of valuable experience and academic knowledge and know how to handle your business. You are in good hands working with us. Amidst the presence of multiple consultancy firms offering similar kinds of services, we stand apart with our absolutely transparent pricing policies, and mission to provide return on investment. Furthermore, by focusing exclusively with healthcare organizations, we are better prepared to understand your needs and sign business associate agreements, and maintain HIPAA compliance in our work with your organization.

With us, you do not have to worry about making any extra expenditure as we take care of your business at prices that have no hidden cost. As a result, you get high-quality online marketing and management solutions oriented towards achieving what matters to you the most. Improving your bottom line.


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