Healthcare Branding Strategy

By Menachem Kaye posted 01-29-2017 09:20 PM


What do you get out of Branding?

  • Branding is a process of clearly defining the profession, improving its image, and differentiating its role within the healthcare milieu.
  • Branding is about building your reputation and making you stand out from your competitors.
  • Your brand tells healthcare consumers who you are and what to expect from you over others.
  • Brand is a signature of a promise that you are making to your customer, be it quality or ethics.

Once executed, branding will then lead to customer loyalty and growth! PubMed says that by developing and portraying the uniqueness and singularity of the physician and the practice, one becomes open and transparent to clients for greater patient satisfaction.


Here are few of the branding strategies Mendycine follows:

Creating a name and logo that represents your vision and mission

Logo plays an important role in forming your brand. Your website, app, newsletters, emails, or any content that you send out to your audience should carry your brand via your logo.


Sharing content that defines your brand

Though content marketing is not a direct selling strategy, it’s a powerful mode of influencing and educating the audience.

We will help you deliver authentic and customized content to your target market using the best channels of communication in a user-friendly manner.

Increasing competition puts a downward pressure on the prices of services you offer. The high quality impression that you give your audience will give you the liberty to charge higher prices for your services than others who provide same services.


Building your social media presence

An active participation in social media via regular and up-to-date blogs, articles, and tweets boost your social and professional ranking.



Professional advertising via collaterals/flyers and brochures that will represent your brand will bring in more footfalls.


Communication is the key

Few of the integrated services are not covered by insurance. Clearly defining services and explaining your center’s commitment to the clinical and scientific merit for each intervention/service offered is crucial.  We will help you communicate the benefits of such services to your audience in the best way. This plays a critical role in boosting the demand for your services.


Regular monitoring and follow ups

We believe that any strategy that has no follow up is a waste of time in the long term.


Branding takes into account the "look and feel" of your office, staff, logo on the uniform, and every other detail that gives your patients clues as to who you are and what you value. We can help you sync these things for outstanding business results.


Branding plays a vital role in increasing awareness. Audience trusts a reputed brand that shares vital information. For instance, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute launched The Heart Truth campaign, the campaign aimed to increase awareness among women about their risk of heart diseases. Surveys were conducted for the campaign's fifth anniversary and results concluded that women were increasingly aware of heart disease as their leading cause of death. This motivated them to increase initiatives to reduce the risk of heart diseases.


We, The Mendycine team, assure you great return on investment.

Mendycine Marketing and Management
Mendycine Marketing and Management

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