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By Menachem Kaye posted 01-29-2017 09:14 PM


Marketing is about letting the world know your services and how better you are than others. In a broad sense, marketing begins with market analysis (figuring out the most pressing consumer needs and checking competitor services), designing a service which is most desired by consumers or providing a service in the most desirable manner, an endeavour to provide the best service in the industry, and tracking feedbacks.


You can choose to provide either high quality service at high price or value for money paid by consumers. Very high quality service once established will allow you to charge higher. Thus you can make more profits. On the other hand, value for money services will help you attract those who don’t have an insurance or someone else ( their employer) paying for the services.  

This is followed by strategies which are directed towards constant improvements in services. This is essential to ensure long-term success.

Every business that adapts to changing trends survives; be it healthcare or other sectors. Mendycine has expert consultants who are masters of each dimension of marketing, they will make it easy for you. With regular follow-ups, they will not only increase consumer satisfaction levels but also bring in more consumers to you.


Patient/consumer satisfaction is one of the crucial factors that decide that treatment is successful. It also decides the success of any practice. It’s a universal fact that a happy consumer contributes to a positive word of mouth which leads to an increase in the customer base. Communication plays a major role in consumer satisfaction when it comes to healthcare sector.


Communication between the doctor and the patient is a major factor. Consumer patient should understand the service provider’s/doctor’s instructions thoroughly. For instance, a healthcare provider gives instructions to the patient or his relatives after the surgery. Verbal instructions are great but the patient or his family may not be able to recollect everything that was told to them by the doctor. A survey says patients grasp only 40% of what was told to them and they can recollect only 50% of that; that too may not be exactly the same what the doctor said.


Instructions in the form of print out or via digital media such as websites followed by verbal instructions can be of great help. A patient may refer to them at his own pace and time. He can also refer back when he feels the need. The content can also be delivered in the form of videos and PowerPoint presentations. Visuals make it easier to grasp and recollect.


Statistics say 9 out of 100 people have a limited English vocabulary in U.S. We at Mendycine frame the content keeping the audience in mind. We can provide you with tailor made content in the patient’s preferred language too!


It’s time consuming for a healthcare provider to make digital solutions available but they are fruitful. Mendycine will make this easy for you. You can devote all your valuable time to your patients while we take care of your backend responsibilities.


Tracking consumer feedbacks is another important parameter that decides the treatment success. It is said that less than 5% of dissatisfied consumers raise a complaint. The remaining 95% of satisfactions are never brought to the notice! A study says that consumers are more likely to switch to a competitor if they face an issue with the service. Adding to it, Marketing Metrics says the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60%-70%, whereas the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5%-20% only!


Via customised and user friendly apps we can help you track customer feedback. By providing more channels of feedback, healthcare consumers are more likely to respond and highlight issues.

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